Burton Street Angels

    To promote the physical, mental and spiritual well being and public safety of the inhabitants of the Burton upon Trent area, through the provision of a pastoral care and practical assistance for those who are on the streets of the Town Centre at night, without distinction of race, gender, political, religious or other opinion of the members of such community, as an expression of Christian faith.

      A Helping Hand

      We are here to offer a helping hand to all during our nights out, offering cups of tea coffee and much more.

      A Listening Ear

      We are here to listen, come a spend some time at our table we would love to hear your story.

    Our Story

    Burton Street Angels is a volunteer organisation that aims to provide a Christian presence in Burton by offering support and assistance to people using the town centre in the late evenings. Street Angels work in co-operation with the police and town centre management to support vulnerable people. The Street Teams consist of volunteers who believe that all people deserve care and love in their time of need, helping people whoever they are and whatever their situation, where they can.

    Most people who are in the town to have a ‘good night out’, are completely secure and arrive home safely. Street Angels simply provide a listening ear, sign-posting to helpful services and practical support for any who talk with them, many of whom are a little worse for wear or perhaps have emotional issues or other vulnerabilities e.g. homeless, addictions. A typical conversation could include a lot of listening, offering some water or a lollipop, phoning for a taxi and providing a pair of flip-flops or a space blanket. Occasionally it may involve helping those who are suffering the physical effects of too much alcohol or who have been aggressive.

    Street Angels (and Street Pastors) have been in the UK since 2003. They have been shown to make a positive impact on reducing crime and anti-social behaviour in town centres by offering a calming presence on the streets late at night, particularly in the areas near clubs and bars.

    Burton Street Angels was established by the ‘Church in Burton’, a partnership across the various churches in Burton and surrounding areas and has been operating each week since January 2013. Street Angel volunteers are practising Christians, aged 18 or older, who are part of these churches and give up a few hours on a Friday night (9.45 pm – 2.30 am) every 4 to 6 weeks, working in teams of four people. If there were enough volunteers, the dream would be to include Saturday nights as well.

    Our Team

    Burton Street Angels is made up from a large team of amazing volunteers who give up their time to help and be 'Angels' to the people of Burton. Burton Street Angels are over seen by a board of trustees and a management committee.

    What People Say

    Being the hands and feet of Jesus Christ on the Streets on Burton on Trent